Domestic Rubbish Clearance and Removal

Rubbish Removal and Household Clearance for Homeowners, Landlords, Private Tenants and Home Businesses

Whatever the size of the task, our professional and environmentally friendly services are affordable and flexible. Our teams can remove household rubbish ranging from a single item of furniture to bulky loads containing mixed materials. Request a no-obligation quote online or talk to us today for a great value quote for your domestic rubbish clearance and removal needs. We love talking rubbish .

Eco-friendly rubbish clearance

No need to hire a skip or van, our flexible and cost-effective services mean that we turn up with the appropriate vehicle, load up your problem waste and then take it away without you having to waste your time and effort. Rest assured that Gumamah members are licenced waste carriers and responsibly recycle 85% of the materials removed, so no need to worry about the environmental impact. What’s more, because our members are local to you we keep fuel usage to a minimum too, which makes us the ideal eco-friendly choice for rubbish clearance.

Affordable waste disposal services

Have your tenants moved out and left you with a load of waste to dispose of? Maybe renovations have left a pile of builder’s waste that needs to go, or a ramshackle old shed is spoiling the look of your garden – our rubbish removal and waste clearance services are ideal for both domestic customers and commercial customers.

Here are just a few of our specialised waste removal and disposal services:

Full or Part House Clearances, Garage Clearances and Garden Clearances

Clearing a house (or even part-clearing one) can be a daunting prospect – so much stuff accumulates, and it can be hard to know what to do with all the individual items. Our teams are house clearance experts, and can be relied upon to remove everything and dispose of it with care. Whether you have been given the sad task of clearing a house following a bereavement, or you have taken possession of a house or flat where the previous tenant has left their stuff behind, you are not on your own – simply call in the Gumamah team of house clearance experts, and all your worries will be over.

You need have no fears that your stacks of old furniture or white goods will end up being dumped in an alley – our teams work closely with local charities and waste disposal sites, so where possible, your unwanted good will go to a good cause. If they can’t be re-used, they will be disposed of thoughtfully and according to all the appropriate legislation. Stairs are no problem to our waste removal teams – they will work very hard to deliver the best possible house clearance service, and their prices are palatable too.

Garage Clearance

Clearing your garage is a task you have probably been putting off for a long time, so why not leave it to our garage clearance experts? Most people use their garages as an informal junk storage space, a place to put all the stuff that you have no idea what to do with. Do you long for the time when you could actually put your car into your garage and have room to open the car doors?

Free up that valuable space by getting the Gumamah team of garage clearance experts to come along, take all the junk away, and ensure it ends up being disposed of properly and safely. They know how to deal efficiently with piles of rubbish and obsolete equipment, will sweep up before they leave, and won’t leave you with a nasty bill.

Garden Clearance

Garden makeover shows are very popular TV programmes, enjoyed by armchair gardeners all across the UK. However, it’s hard to get enthusiastic about getting your hands dirty in your own garden if the main features you start with are a tumble-down shed, mouldy decking, an unused trampoline, a rotten rabbit hutch or a fallen tree.

You probably won’t be able to persuade Charlie Dimmock or Alan Titchmarsh to come along and help with garden design and planting, but the Gumamah team are always available to get the hard graft started by disposing of your unwanted garden rubbish, and they don’t cost the earth. Get yourself some help to clear your garden of all that unwanted material, and then you can start to get creative with the planting and decking.

Shed Removal

Wooden garden sheds don’t last forever – the timber is usually thin, and if not treated regularly with wood preservatives, can rot and the shed can become wobbly and unsafe. Garden sheds are also prone to catching fire in hot, dry weather, especially if they are used as a store for petrol lawnmowers, 2-stroke garden equipment and fuel containers. Most households don’t own a vehicle or a trailer big enough to transport shed panels to the tip, and the thought of breaking a shed down into small pieces to take it away is off-putting to say the least.

If you’ve had a shed fire, or your garden shed has seen better days, don’t let it moulder away and spoil the appearance of your garden – bring in the Gumamah team of expert shed removers. They will come along with a vehicle large enough to hold the shed panels and roof, and will quickly clear the site, leaving it ready for you to put up a new shed, or use the space for something else. Did you know that in some counties, wood waste can be turned into wood chips which are used in biomass power plants? Get your shed removed and disposed of by our teams, and it’s possible that it may be reborn in the guise of green power in the near future.

Furniture Clearance and Sofa Removal and Disposal

Large items of furniture can be difficult to dispose of. There are charities across the UK that collect, refurbish and resell furniture items, but the items need to be in good condition, and carry the appropriate fire resistance labels. These charities will also not collect mattresses or bed bases if there are any stains or marks on them. This leaves households with the difficult problem of getting these bulky items to the tip – impossible if you don’t own a van or a large trailer.

The Gumamah network of furniture disposal experts are ready and waiting to solve this problem for you, and at a cost you can afford. They will collect all unwanted items of furniture from your property, take them away, and ensure they are either made available for re-use, or disposed of appropriately. You hear horror stories of bogus waste disposal teams being paid to collect and dispose of goods, and then simply dumping them in the countryside or on waste ground. Rest assured; all our members hold appropriate Environment Agency licences, and offer good old-fashioned honest furniture clearance services.

Fridge or Freezer Removal and Disposal

Fridges and freezers are covered by strict legislation when it comes to disposal – the coolant contains those infamous greenhouse gases that are so damaging to the ozone layer, and have been proven to be contributing to climate change. Any fridge or freezer must be taken to a waste disposal site, and the coolant removed under closely monitored conditions to avoid it escaping into the atmosphere, before the rest of the metal and plastics can be broken down and disposed of. If you have an unwanted fridge or freezer, the first thing to consider is; could it be used by someone else or has it really reached the end of its’ useful life?

Many functional fridges and freezers get discarded because they don’t have the latest features, such as ice-making or drink-dispensing capabilities. If this is the case for your old appliance, before disposal, the green thing to do is to consider selling it, handing it on to friends or family or giving it to a charity. If your fridge or freezer is too damaged or dented to repair, or is very old and therefore probably inefficient, you can call on your local Gumamah team to collect it, and to ensure it gets to the right place for disposal. The fact that our teams are local to you has a double benefit for the environment – they not only ensure that all items are responsibly handled, they use less fuel to get to you than a team located miles away, so they are the sensible option. Oh, by the way, their keen prices ensure that you will save yourself some money too!

Fly Tipping Clearance

Fly tipping is the dumping of waste items and materials of any kind, in any location other than a designated disposal site. It’s illegal, incredibly selfish, and costs us all a small fortune, as we all have to pay to get the waste removed one way or another. In 2014/2015, local authorities in England alone had to clear up 900,000 individual cases of fly tipping of household waste, which is an increase in the number of incidents of nearly 6% over previous years. That’s a staggering figure, and doesn’t include any illegal dumping of other types of commercial waste such as old tyres, manufacturing waste and other unwanted items, or any fly tipping residue that has been handled by the owners of the property where the waste was deposited.

Nearly half of these events occurred on public roads, one third in alleys and on tracks and bridleways, and the remainder on open land. The most common amount of fly tipping residue (one third of all cases) was the equivalent of a small van load of material, with an almost equal number the equivalent of a car boot full. These figures indicate that the problem is not just being caused by rogue traders, but that ordinary individuals are fly tipping when they should be taking material to the nearest tip.

In all, the cost of fly tipping for 2014/2015 in England was £50 million – just think what local authorities could do for the community with that amount of money in hand! If you have been unlucky enough to be the recipient of a fly tipping incident on your private land, you can’t necessarily rely on the local authority to take it away. If they are prepared to tackle the job at all, they often levy high charges for their services. You do have an alternative – call in the Gumamah team and you can rely on them to clear it all away, get it to its proper destination without causing further contamination, and their prices are always reasonable.

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) disposals/recycling

As more and more electronic devices come into our homes, we are faced with the problem of what to do with them at the end of their lives. This is where the WEEE or ‘Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment’ regulations come into play. These regulations, which were implemented in their current form in 2014, apply to more or less everything in your home that contains a battery or has a plug fitted to it. From mobile phones to fridges and televisions – if it’s electrical or electronic, you need to dispose of it according to the latest regulations, or face penalties. If an item has a picture of a wheelie bin with a cross through it, that means that the item must not be mixed in with domestic waste, but must be disposed of at a suitable disposal facility.

There are many reasons for closely regulating this type of waste:
  • This category of waste is one of the fastest growing, with 9 million tonnes generated in 2005, and there are predictions that there will be over 12 million tonnes in 2020.
  • These items tend to contain materials that are both hazardous to health and to the environment, e.g. lead, cadmium, mercury and greenhouse gases.
  • These items also tend to contain valuable materials that should be reclaimed. In fact, 10% of all the gold in the world is used in electronics manufacturing.

Sorting out WEEE may all seem rather technical and alarming, but you really don’t need to worry – let a Gumamah team take the problem out of your hands. Gumamah members hold all the relevant approvals, which enables them to categorise waste and decide what needs to be done with WEEE, or any other specialised items for that matter.

Fire and Flood Damage Clearances

Fires and floods can cause massive amounts of damage and destruction, and apart from the heartbreak of losing your furniture and possessions, you can be left with such a mess that it’s hard to know where to begin.

Floods are becoming a way of life for certain parts of the UK as we suffer more and more extreme weather, and when the waters finally retreat, it’s not unusual for everything in the lower floor of a house to have been ruined by the mud and sewage contaminated water.

Fires don’t only destroy what they burn – domestic fires generate dense clouds of toxic smoke, especially when soft furnishings catch fire, and that smoke will damage anything that is in its path. After a fire, you are often faced with disposing of all sorts of furniture and belongings that are tainted with smoke, and cannot be used again.

If you have suffered a fire or a flood, don’t feel you’re on your own when it comes to the big clear-up afterwards. Call in a Gumamah team, and you will have the relief of knowing that they will quickly and efficiently remove the damaged items, take them away and ensure they are disposed of properly, leaving you one less thing to worry about.

Builder’s Debris Removal

If you’ve ever had an extension built, or a new kitchen or bathroom fitted, you will be amazed at the volume of rubble and scrap materials that are generated, and that all need to be disposed of. There are often tiles, bricks, plaster board, kitchen units and doors, pallets, ceramic wares and old kitchen equipment all mixed together. You can of course hire a skip and dump everything into it, but unless you have somewhere within your property boundary to site it, you may end up having to leave it in the street. A skip on a public road brings all sorts of complications – you may need permits and there is a danger of traffic obstruction.

The simple solution is to hire a Gumamah team to come and take the builder’s debris and rubble away. Give them a call and they can quickly arrive on site, load up and take it all away – and you only pay for what the team actually remove, so a Gumamah team can work out cheaper than hiring a skip. The team will sort the various items of waste into the appropriate categories, and ensure it all ends up in the correct place at a waste disposal site – leaving you free to keep an eye on your builders.

You’ll be amazed at the number of things Gumamah members can handle

Domestic items

Fridges, Freezers, Cookers, Hobs, Microwave Ovens, Kitchen Cupboards, Washing Machines, Driers, Radiators, Boilers, Games Consoles, Televisions, Wardrobes, Sofas, Beds, Tables, Pianos, Carpets.

Garden equipment and materials

Sheds, Greenhouses, Pet Houses (rabbit hutches, dog kennels, chicken sheds), Trampolines, Hot Tubs, Lawnmowers, Decking, Garden Cuttings, Potted Plants.

Home office equipment

Computers, Computer Monitors, Photocopiers, Faxes, Telephones, Office Furniture (filing cabinets, desks, chairs).

And so much more – if it’s not on the list, just ask us and we’ll see what we can do.

Who we are

Who we are

Gumamah is a network of like-minded independent, man and van rubbish clearance and removal teams covering the length and breadth of the United Kingdom. The group has a combined experience of over 300 years in loading, clearing and removing all types of waste. Gumamah was formed with one vision, to offer a same day, affordable, eco-friendly, reliable and honest, rubbish clearance and junk removal service to businesses, households and local authorities in the UK. We offer quick turnarounds, low prices and a free smile on all jobs .


Our low cost, household rubbish clearance and junk removal services flex to suit you. Whatever your requirements, whatever size the task, our teams can do it.


Businesses, housing associations and local authorities our rubbish clearance and removal teams provide a fast, professional environmentally-conscious service.


We are more flexible than skip hire services, and we save you money because you pay based on the amount of rubbish / junk our teams load and remove for you.

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