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Rubbish Removal and Clearance for Businesses, Housing Associations and Local Authorities

Large tasks or small tasks, our flexible and professional commercial waste services are environmentally friendly and affordable. Junk and commercial rubbish accumulates over time, and it can be hard to know where to start when you need to get rid of it, so that’s where our 300 years of accumulated expertise comes in. Simply tell us what commercial waste you have, and where it is, and we can give you a free no-obligation quote (online or by phone) to shift it. We are just dying to talk rubbish with you

Business customers love our eco-friendly services

Gumamah members understand that space and time are precious to any business, and when you need a job such as bulky waste collection or junk clearance done, you need it done quickly, efficiently and at a time to suit your needs. Our members are all licenced by the Environment Agency, and commit to turn up on schedule, remove all of the waste (not just the choice bits), dispose of everything correctly, and then clean up after the job.

Our policy is to reuse or recycle everything we possibly can, and we achieve an average of 85% of items and materials, sending the absolute minimum to landfill. This makes our processes highly eco-friendly, and having our members located near to you also means that fuel usage and transport miles are minimised, giving you a better price and reducing our impact on the environment.

Commercial waste disposal at affordable prices

Some types of commercial waste are tricky to move – redundant machinery can be heavy and dirty, office furniture, beds and sofas can be awkward to handle, and food preparation equipment can be unpleasant at best, so don’t struggle with it yourself. Our junk or waste clearance and rubbish removal services are affordable, and ideal for both business customers and domestic customers.

Here are just a few of our specialised business waste removal and disposal services:

Full or Partial House Clearances

Have you bought a property so that you can put it onto the rental market? Buy to let properties can be very profitable, but the initial outlay can be enormous. Naturally you have to pay for the property plus all the fees, and even if you get a bargain at a property auction, this is no small matter. On top of the buying price, there are always other costs to take into account, such as Auction House fees, solicitor’s fees and mortgage costs if you have to borrow to buy, so these have to be factored into the total cost of the property.

Once you are the proud owner of your new asset, you need to get some of your money back by getting in a paying tenant as quickly as possible, but you haven’t finished paying out yet. You may need to make alterations to the fabric of the property, especially if it doesn’t meet current building regulations. If the property is sound, you will still probably need to refurbish the kitchen or bathroom and re-decorate all-through. To add to the complications, the house may be full of old junk and furniture left behind by the previous owner, and you need to get rid of all that before you can even start work.

It sounds like a nightmare, but don’t worry – the Gumamah teams of expert rubbish removers are on hand to offer a solution. They can’t help with the cost of the property, but they can provide a cost-effective clearance service to clear the decks of all the unwanted furniture and rubbish so that you can get to work on renovations. They can also help when you’re sorting the décor, kitchen or bathroom by taking away the remains of carpets, wallpaper, kitchen units, floor and wall tiles, bathroom ware, shower cubicles and plaster. It can work be better than hiring a skip too – you only pay the team for the amount of stuff they take away, and you don’t need to find anywhere to site a skip on the property.

Full or Part Office Clearances, Garage Clearances and Workshop Clearances

Working space in your office or workshop is precious, so how come you find that your place is so full of junk that you can’t get your work done properly? Often it’s a case of not knowing what to do with the stuff that you find you either don’t need, is broken beyond repair, or is simply out of date and obsolete. Maybe now is the time to have a clear-out and a sort-out to give you more space, then you can arrange your workplace more efficiently.

There are a few straightforward rules about arranging your workplace, so when you’re ready, roll your sleeves up and have a go:

  • The first rule is that the only equipment or materials you should have out in your workplace are those that you are either using right now, or need every day. These are ‘use now’ items, so decide what fits into this category, and if there is anything else hanging around, put it to one side and we will deal with that shortly.
  • The second rule is that any equipment or materials that you need fairly frequently, but not every day, need to be stored within easy reach. These are ‘use frequently’ items, and should be easy to access and also to put away again. Most clutter in workplaces is caused by it not being easy to put stuff away, so focus on making the right kind of storage space near the workplace.
  • The third rule is that anything you definitely will need in the near future should be stored away, so that you know where it is, but you can afford to put it into a more distant storage space. An outhouse or a storage locker is a good location for these ‘use occasionally’ items.
  • Generally speaking, if there is anything left over that does not fit into the ‘use now’, ‘use frequently’, or ‘use occasionally’ categories, it may be a bit of a wrench for you, but you need to get rid. Scrap them, sell them, give them away, but remove them from the workspace, and you will be amazed how much more efficient you can become.

Now is the time to call in a Gumamah teams to help you to get rid of the surplus items. They focus on reuse and recycling, so if you’ve had a clear-out, they can take away the unwanted items and either find a new use for them or as a last resort, send them for recycling or landfill. You may be pleased to hear that our teams pride themselves on re-using or recycling around 85% of what they collect; only around 15% goes to landfill - that’s quite an achievement.

Bulky Waste Removal

Bulky waste can be a problem to get rid of. Typical bulky items are; mattresses, bed frames, sofas and easy chairs, commercial machinery, carpets, pallets and so on. They all need a large vehicle to get them shifted, and not every business has access to a suitable van, lorry or trailer. Even if you have a suitable vehicle, most waste disposal sites either operate a ‘van ban’ to prevent commercial waste being deposited at the site, or if you are using a trailer, you may need a permit to enter the site. So the question is, how on earth do you get rid of these items? Most local councils offer a bulky waste removal service, where for a fee, they will collect the items from outside your premises and deliver them to the nearest recycling centre.

There are a few problems with using local council services – the first one is that most councils only offer these services at a reasonable cost to domestic customers. If you are a business, and if there is a commercial service available at all, the charges will be higher. The next problem is that you need to get the items out of the property yourself and leave them outside for collection, which can be pretty exhausting if they are heavy. There are no guarantees about when the waste will actually be collected either - they usually state it will be within so many working days, so if there is a spell of bad weather, you will end up with an ugly, soggy mess outside your premises.

To avoid all these issues, the best answer is to put a Gumamah team to work to remove your bulky waste, because they offer a total service at a realistic price. The team members will take the items out of your premises, load them up and take them away – you don’t have to lift a finger, other than to book an appointment online or make a phone call. Gumamah makes shifting bulky waste simple and cost-effective for commercial customers, and for domestic customers too.

Fly Tipping Clearances

Fly tipping is on the increase, and if you are the owner of business premises which are slightly off the beaten track, or with unfrequented land attached, you are almost certain to be the victim of fly tipping incidents. An utterly staggering 900,000 individual fly tipping events were cleared up by local councils in England in 2014/2015, which is an increase of about 6% on the previous few years. Finding a lorry load of builder’s waste, a heap of broken kitchen units, a pile of smelly bin bags or a stack of tyres dumped on your property is not just an annoyance and an eyesore. Fly tipping can have a real impact on your business, for example if your customers find it hard to access your premises, and you also have the prospect of being faced with a bill to get it all cleared away.

Beware of rogue rubbish removal companies – there are great many out there who will load up the waste, take your money, and then simply go and dump it all on someone else’s property, or even a deserted beauty spot not too far away. These companies only add to the fly tipping problem, and if the waste gets traced back to your company, you may be liable for a hefty fine. At the very least, you will be charged extra clean-up costs, so it’s a double whammy.

Your best course of action is to bring in a legitimate rubbish removal service such as a Gumamah team, and that way you will only have to pay once. The good news is that Gumamah teams pride themselves on offering a total rubbish removal service at a reasonable cost. They will come along by appointment, load up, and take the fly tipping residue to the appropriate place for disposal – no hole and corner illicit dumping of the waste. The teams hold all the relevant local authority approvals, and are experts in sorting out even mixed waste so that it all goes to the right place the first time, and that is a load off your mind.

WEEE - Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment disposal & recycling

Disposing of electronic and electrical devices at the end of their lives is a problem that is getting bigger as more of these devices enter our workplaces. In fact, in 2005 there were 9 million tonnes of this type of equipment disposed of at the UK’s various recycling centres, growing to an estimated 12 million tonnes per year by 2020. There are regulations that cover the disposal of WEEE, and they came into force in their present form in 2014 – basically, if an item has a mains plug or a battery, you can’t put it into normal commercial waste bins, you have to get it to a suitable disposal facility for stripping down and disposal.

The reason for the regulation of WEEE is that the devices often contain harmful to health and environment chemicals, such as greenhouse gases, mercury, cadmium and lead. Some examples of WEEE are mobile phones, computers and monitors, freezers and televisions. You may be able to identify WEEE by looking at the labels which usually give you information such as serial numbers and manufacturer – a wheelie bin with a cross through it is an indication that the item is in the WEEE category. There is another reason for treating WEEE differently from normal commercial waste – it can be valuable. In fact, it has been estimated that 10% of the world’s supply of gold is tied up in electronic devices as it is used to ensure good electrical contact due to its corrosion resistance. The gold, and other equally scarce and valuable materials such as rare earth elements, can be recovered for re-use.

Don’t be daunted by the prospect of having to decide how to handle all the various types of electronic equipment that you may wish to get rid of – let a Gumamah team handle it for you. Our teams hold all the relevant certifications to enable them to make expert judgements in relation to handling specialist waste such as WEEE – they can make sure it all gets to the right disposal site for processing, and can give you a quote for the work that literally won’t cost you the earth.

Rental Property Clearances

When a tenant moves out, it makes economic sense to get your property back on the rental market with minimal delay. The problem is that outgoing tenants often leave unwanted and unusable furniture behind which needs to be disposed of. They are also likely to leave rubbish and mess behind too, which can severely hamper your efforts to re-decorate and refurbish the property ready for the next tenant to take possession.

The Gumamah team can speed up the process of clearing out your rental property and leave you free and unhampered, able to get on with the vital repairs and refurbishment activities. They will turn up at an agreed time, load up the unwanted items and take them away for disposal. What’s more, using a Gumamah team can work out cheaper than hiring a skip, as you only pay for what they take away.

Office Equipment and Furniture Removal

Are you planning an office move or undergoing an office refurbishment? It can be a disruptive business, and you almost invariably end up with unwanted or obsolete items that need to be disposed of. These items can be practically anything from computers, computer monitors, photocopiers, faxes, telephones, vending machines, cables, lights and light fittings to surplus or broken furniture and cabinets, cupboards, desks, chairs, blinds and carpet tiles. Quite a mixture of stuff for disposal.

You could hire a skip, and just chuck everything in, but skip hire comes with its own problems and lost opportunities. Bringing in a skip means you need a place to locate it where it’s not going to cause an obstruction to traffic or a nuisance to neighbours – not always easy if you are in a crowded location. Secondly, some of the items may need to be disposed of in a special way; WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) is a good example. Thirdly, some of the stuff that is no further use to you may be very useful indeed to someone else, so skipping it is a waste of resources.

You simply haven’t got time to sort through all the obsolete items and make decisions on the right way to dispose of them, so why not hand the job on to an expert? Gumamah teams hold all relevant certifications and approvals to enable them to decide which items need to be disposed of, and in what way. They also have close relationships with waste disposal sites, some of which are run in conjunction with charities, so if there are any reusable items for disposal, they channel them to the people who can make use of them. This has the double benefit of giving a new lease of life to items that would be scrapped, and saving materials going for recycling and landfill prematurely. Using a Gumamah team can benefit the environment, the community, and your business by offering total office equipment removal services at a decent price.

It’s amazing as to how many items our members can deal with

Commercial and electrical items:

Manufacturing Machinery, Food Preparation Equipment, Fridges, Freezers, Cookers, Hobs, Microwave Ovens, Washing Machines, Driers, Televisions.

Bulky items

Beds, Mattresses, Sofas, Tables, Kitchen Cupboards, Carpets, Wardrobes, Pianos, Radiators, Boilers, Sheds, Greenhouses, Pet Houses (rabbit hutches, dog kennels, chicken sheds), Trampolines, Hot Tubs, Garden Machinery, Decking, Bulk Waste.

Office equipment

Computers, Computer Monitors, Photocopiers, Faxes, Telephones, Vending Machines, Office Furniture (cupboards, filing cabinets, desks, chairs, carpet tiles).

And many, many more – if you don’t see it listed, give us a call and we’ll discuss your requirements.

Who we are

Who we are

Gumamah is a network of like-minded independent, man and van rubbish clearance and removal teams covering the length and breadth of the United Kingdom. The group has a combined experience of over 300 years in loading, clearing and removing all types of waste. Gumamah was formed with one vision, to offer a same day, affordable, eco-friendly, reliable and honest, rubbish clearance and junk removal service to businesses, households and local authorities in the UK. We offer quick turnarounds, low prices and a free smile on all jobs .


Our low cost, household rubbish clearance and junk removal services flex to suit you. Whatever your requirements, whatever size the task, our teams can do it.


Businesses, housing associations and local authorities our rubbish clearance and removal teams provide a fast, professional environmentally-conscious service.


We are more flexible than skip hire services, and we save you money because you pay based on the amount of rubbish / junk our teams load and remove for you.

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