The Cost of Fly Tipping

The cost of cleaning up fly tipping in one region alone has been published, and the numbers are horrific. Warrington Borough Council say that they have spent £25,000 (yes, that’s right, 25 thousand pounds) over the last 3 months in their efforts to clear up after fly tipping episodes and to remove litter from the streets and local areas. The problem has become so acute in the region that the council needed to hold an emergency meeting so that the officers and staff could get their heads around ways to begin to tackle the issues.

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A team has been assembled consisting of a chairman, Councillor Tony Higgins who chairs the ‘Building Stronger Communities’ initiative, plus Councillor Judith Guthrie who is the Assistant Director for Public Protection, Neil Lawson, an Environmental Crime Officer, and a number of other officers with relevant expertise. The team have set themselves the task of imposing penalties on fly tippers and litterers, but they do acknowledge that it isn’t going to be an easy problem to solve given the scale of the issue, especially around the inner wards.

£600,000 per year

In total, it is estimated the litter and fly tipping costs the council around £600,000 per year. This level of spending is unsustainable and diverts resources away from other necessary services. The money has to come from somewhere, and naturally it is coming out of the pockets of the hard pressed residents and commercial organisations in the area via their Council Tax and Business Rates. Councillor Higgins has already requested a hot line to be established to make it easier for people to report incidents of fly tipping so that the council can react more quickly.

Apparently, people are indiscriminately dumping waste and unwanted items in the streets – a recent incident of fly tipping resulted in a mattress, a sofa and three bin bags full of rubbish being left in a local lane.

£40 Million per year

A bit of investigative work says that there are 433 principal authorities in the UK, including all the councils, unitary authorities, boroughs etc. each of which will have their own level of fly tipping problem. The cost of dealing with each incident will vary, but it has been estimated that fly tipping costs us all in the UK a staggering £40 million each year. That’s a lot of money, and if we didn’t have to spend it on clearing up after these selfish individuals, the mind boggles at how useful it could be in solving some of society’s other problems – we could probably eliminate food bank usage for a start!

Keep your conscience clear

We all have a responsibility to dispose of rubbish and unwanted items properly and in a way that doesn’t have a negative impact on the environment. If you have stuff to dispose of, there are experts ready and waiting to give you a hand. Every member of the Gumamah network holds the relevant environmental certifications and approvals, and they guarantee to dispose of your unwanted items responsibly and cost-effectively. Don’t add to the already far too high cost of clearing fly tipping, contact a Gumamah member today and keep your conscience as clear as your premises.

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