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I live in a rural moorland area in North Wales which is designated SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest), due to the wide range of flora and fauna of the area. We have great crested newts living nearby, and other interesting reptiles, mammals, birds and plant life, many of them uncommon or rare. There are beautiful mountain views and the place is a haven for walkers and horse riders. You would imagine that such an interesting and beautiful environment would encourage people to care for the land, but sadly that’s not the case with everyone.

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Part of the interest of the locality is due to the mining operations that took place long ago – groups of individuals with picks and shovels used to dig into the ground, searching for lead ore and various other minerals, and their activities have left fairly deep hollows surrounded by grassed-over spoil heaps, and there are mine shafts with stone ‘beehive’ caps dotted all over the place. The problem is that some mindless individuals think that the hollows are ideal places for them to dispose of their rubbish.

Dumped rubbish

On my regular strolls across the moors, I often come across piles of household rubbish which has been dumped into the hollows, and I even see the rusting remains of domestic white goods such as fridges and washing machines. Now the area is quite remote, so whoever dumps this stuff has to load it into a vehicle to bring it onto the moor, and then carry the stuff several hundred yards to find their chosen dumping space. It’s not exactly effortless, yet people will go to all that trouble to get rid of unwanted items, despite the fact that there is a waste and recycling centre a couple of miles away, where the helpful people who run the facility will actually give you a lift with your unwanted goods and ensure they are disposed of in the correct skips.

There is an easier way

Of course, there are even easier ways of getting rid of unwanted items if you don’t want to go to the trouble of carting rubbish and domestic goods around the countryside. There are experts that you can call on, who will turn up at your premises, load everything onto a lorry or into a van, and take it away for you, at a reasonable price – they are Gumamah members. What’s more, you can be confident that if you ask one of the approved Gumamah teams to dispose of your rubbish, whether it’s domestic or commercial waste, it will end up being disposed of carefully, legally and in an eco-friendly way. We can also absolutely guarantee that your waste won’t end up being dumped on our precious moorland, or on any other illegal dumping ground.

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